Recreation of Kylie Royal Peach Pallete packaging and swatches/review

Hey people, I recently purchased the Kylie Royal Peach Pallete and I was instantly inspired by the look on the packaging, so I decided to recreate the look. Before I show you the look however, I will show swatches and a review. Enjoy!💋

The swatches from top to bottom are Sorbet, Seashell, Peachy, Royal, Queen Bee, Duke, Duchess, Sandy, Mojito, North Star, Crush, and Cinnamon.

My favorite colors would probably be Royal, Queen Bee, and North Star. In my opinion as far as pigment goes, the metallics are very pigmented while the mattes are a little less. I found that you have to really get a lot on your brush to get a good pigment from the mattes. All in all, I really like this Pallete and will do more looks with it!

Now here is the look I recreated.

Now for this look it was a quick thing I decided to do in the spur of the moment, so I don’t have false lashes on (and my lashes suck) and my eyebrows are awful😂 …. in my crease I have sorbet and sandy on as my transition colors, and on my lid I have queen bee. On my lower lash line I have the same two transition colors smoked out and I have royal right under my waterline. For mascara I used Too Faced better than sex. Shortly after these photos were taken, I shut my fingers in the window so I cried all the makeup off and couldn’t get better pictures.. so I’m sorry😂 But I hope you enjoy this look even though it’s not my bestest job!


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