Kylie’s Diary swatches and review 

Hi guys! Today I received the limited edition Kylie’s Diary Kyeshadow + Blush from Kylie Cosmetics’ Valentine’s line. Everything from the collection is currently sold out, otherwise I would link it and I’m not positive if they will restock this collection. I’m hoping to do a tutorial of a look with this pallete soon, enjoy!

☞Packagingthis palette comes with 9 eyeshadows ( 5 metallic and 4 matte) and 2 blushes with a mirror on the side. I’m glad she’s adding mirrors to her most recent palletes because her first couple didn’t. I don’t know about you guys, but I love using the mirrors in the pallete that I’m using to do my makeup. 

☞ Swatchestop to bottom: Bae, Heart Breaker, Make Me Blush, Sweet Like Candy. These ones are all but one of the metallics. top to bottom: Love Potion, Be Mine, Heart Eyes, Romance (metallic), Loves Me Not. The rest of these except the one noted, are the mattes. The last two at the bottom are the blushes. Right underneath the Loves Me Not shadow is First Date, and beside that is Virginity. 

☞First Impression                                                     Well first of all, the packaging is beautiful! I love glitter so of course the glitter is my favorite part 🙂 it even looks like a diary and I think it’s creative. The eyeshadows however; just by swatching them, there wasn’t much pigmentation there. The colors are beautiful though, and I paid too much for it to not try it out just because of the lack of pigmentation. I don’t know, maybe it’ll be different actually applying it to the lid. I was impressed with the pigmentation of the mattes. I think they are very vibrant and it didn’t take a lot to get a good swatch, whereas the metallics did. All in all, I think I might like this pallete a lot. It’s definitely something I won’t reach for the most just because the colors aren’t for everyday wear (for me), but I’ll definitely give it a try. Expect a look coming from this pallete soon! Hope you enjoyed!


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