Quick and simple

Hey guys! This post is going to be over a very quick and simple look I did on friday. Hope you enjoy! 

I’m going to skip telling you about my face routine, if you want to know about my routine on the face then check out my burgundy halo eye post, or wait a bit and i’ll post my full face routine 🙂

The main focus of this look is the purple eyeliner, I just threw the lipstick on for the picture. I didn’t actually wear it throughout the day. The eyeliner I used was Best O by colourpop which is currently sold out. The lipstick I have on is Pin up by Ciaté London. For mascara I used Better than sex by Too Faced. On the lids, I quickly and lightly packed on Peachy from the Royal Peach palette just so that my lids weren’t bare, but it wasn’t anything dramatic or too much for a simple look. In the corner of my eye I used Vermeer from the ABH modern renaissance pallete. After the look was complete, I drenched my face in the Urban Decay all nighter setting spray and called it good!Thats all for this look, I hope you enjoyed it😊 


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